Structural Integration


The fascial system is a 3 dimensional fabric that is formed by connective tissue.  It has many different names corresponding to what it covers:  organs, bones, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.  The myofascia which is the name given for the connective tissue covering muscles is the most familiar.  It also penetrates and sections the muscles to create the tendon attachments to the skeleton.  Because it is such an extensive system it has been said that if everything was removed from a body except for the fascia we would still be able to recognize the individual!  The fascia provides structure and support for our body as well as the means for us to create movement.  In a healthy situation it allows fluid movement without restrictions.  The fascia can become restricted in response to trauma, repetitive movements, surgery, or poor posture.  This leads to increased effort to create movement and the potential for more strain and joint dysfunction.  Structural integration is a technique that was developed first by Ida Rolf to treat the fascial system head to toe in a three dimensional way to optimize postural alignment.  We create a specific pattern of treatment to restore balance to the fascial system based on our evaluation of flexibility, joint mobility, postural and movement patterns.


Joint mobilization/Muscle Energy Techniques


Manual therapy techniques to restore normal joint movement either utilizing passive forces applied by the therapist or utilizing muscular contractions from the patient.


Functional Movement Re-education


Developing awareness of ones body’s static and dynamic posture is vital to recognition of where effort is generated and how that effort may contribute to our patterns of strain and dysfunction.  Awareness of what one is doing is necessary to have the possibility of choosing a more efficient movement pattern, “When you know what you are doing, Then you can do what you want”, Moshe Feldenkrais.  Different choices may minimize effort and optimize movement by distributing it throughout our body.  This change can lead to improved endurance, decreased pain and prevention of repeated injuries.


Therapeutic exercise


 We help our patients develop home programs to help restore flexibility, stabilization of joints or body regions, and awareness and improvement in respiratory patterns.  We blend yoga with traditional forms of stretching

Visceral manipulation




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