Scoliosis Education


          Founded by Dr. Manuel Rigo in 2009


         The US organization for training and certification of physical therapists in the

          Schroth Method


         The first clinic to teach the BSPTS method of scoliosis specific exercises in the US,

          and where Gaylin Lucas, MS, PT received her Schroth training.


         The website for the Schroth method and information on the Schroth Manual.


Bracing Information


         Grant Wood is the only orthotist on the West coast fabricating the three dimensional

         Wood-Rigo-Cheneau Brace for scoliosis.


Scoliosis Organizations


The website for the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment whose goals are to create a forum for exchange of knowledge, stimulate research, and promote specific education of specialists regarding conservative care of spinal deformities.


A non for profit organization that promotes awareness, and provides education and support to patients and families affected by scoliosis.


International society of scoliosis specialists, primarily surgeons, focused on education, research and treatment of spinal deformities.


         Network of peer-led support groups for girls with scoliosis.


On-line journal of the Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment that     encompasses all aspects of research on prevention, control and treatment of scoliosis and other spinal deformities.


Therapeutic Movement

The program in which Gaylin Lucas, MS, PT completed a two year movement specialist certifications program.






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